Radiographic Film Interpretation

Course Duration: 5 Day Course

Course Fees: £875

Course Description

A specialised 40 hour course for developing skills in the art and science of evaluating radiographs. The first 16 hours will cover radiographic inspection processing and all of the varying parameters that contribute to the final radiographic image quality. The remaining 24 hours will provide information on the film interpreter’s role and capability, paying particular attention to the practical interpretation of radiographs (12 hours ‘hands-on’). The practical session radiographs are concentrated towards the product technology of the participant.

Days 1 and 2

Exposure variables
Practical exercises on exposure
Processing variables
Practical exercises on processing
Contrast. Definition

Days 3 to 5

Fundamentals : specifying non-destructive tests
Standards, codes and specifications
Visual acuity
Radiographic viewing conditions and equipment
Radiographic interpretation reporting
Discontinuity indications

At the conclusion of this seminar the student should be able to:

Understand the basic principles of the radiographic inspection procedure.

Understand the radiographic film processing procedures.

Recognise limitations in exposure quality.

Understand potential causes of processing artefacts.

Assess radiographic quality.

Understand viewing condition requirements.

Interpret radiographic codes and specifications.

Write reports based on code requirements.

Understand origins of defects.

Locate and recognise radiographic images of defects with a high probability of detection.

Pass the end of course test.