Magnetic Particle Inspection

Course Duration: 5 Day Course (40 hours)

Course Fees: £900

Course Description

This 40 hour course covers all theory aspects of the method and provides 50 per cent practical ‘hands-on’ workshop experience of the various techniques.

Aerospace product technology
Introduction to magnetic particle inspection
Magnetising ferromagnetic materials
Method of magnetisation
Detecting media
Equipment used for magnetic particle inspection
Practical procedures
Interpretation of indications
Assessing amperage
The writing of reports and development of procedures

At the conclusion of this seminar the student should be able to:

Describe the basic principles and theoretical aspects of the magnetic particle test method

List several applications of the magnetic particle test method

List the types of discontinuities detected with the magnetic particle test method

Describe the cause and effect of various types of discontinuities

Describe the operational steps in the magnetic particle test method and understand the importance of each step

Perform a magnetic particle test method following a written procedure

Interpret and evaluate the test results with respect to the applicable standards

Complete the required test reports, and prepare a clear and concise written instruction (Procedure)

Locate defects in various aircraft materials, components and structures with a high probability of detection

Pass the end of course test