Bond Testing

Course Duration: 3 Day Course (24 hours)

Course Fees: £825

Course Description

This 3-day course provides an introduction to the manufacture and failure modes of composite materials and covers all of the theoretical aspects of bond testing. It is fully supported by 50 per cent practical sessions. Students are encouraged to practice on their own supplied samples in addition to the range of components held by Aerospace Inspection Training.

Aerospace composite technology
Manufacturing processes and failure modes
Introduction to bond testing methodology
Mechanical Impedance Analysis testing, Resonance testing
Pitch Catch Testing – Swept Frequency
Pitch Catch Testing Impulse
Practical applications
Defect sizing
Selection of method
Other bond testing methods and latest technology

At the conclusion of this seminar the student should be able to:

Describe the basic principles of bond testing.

List the main methods of bond testing.

Describe the cause and effect of various types of mechanical bond testing.

Describe the operational steps required to carry out a bond test in each of the main methods.

Perform a bond test in each of the main methods.

Interpret and evaluate the test results.

Locate defects in various composite structures with a high probability of detection.

Note: This course is targeted at students who have previous experience in ultrasonic inspection of aircraft structure. Although previous knowledge in Ultrasonic inspection is not essential, Aerospace Inspection Training are able to provide a 2-day introduction course covering ultrasonic theory in preparation for this course.