To get a job you need experience. To get experience you need a job.

It seems to be the eternal riddle. The majority of people who work in aerospace NDT had previously worked in other areas of the aerospace industry and have then moved into NDT as a specialisation, usually sponsored by their company.

The big problem is how to become certified to work without supervision and to sign off aircraft documents (this is what makes you properly employable). Before you can achieve this you must fulfil a range of requirements. These are:

Successfully completing a course of training at an approved training school. (Some large companies do this in house).

Successfully passing a certification examination comprising of:

General theory in the method

Specific theory of applying the method to aerospace structures and components in accordance with specified practices

Practical examination of components and producing a written report on the condition.

Achieving documented experience, under supervision, to specified timescales dependant on the method (Typically 6 to 9 months per method).

Passing an eyesight test

If you wish to start along the road by completing a training course AIT are able to supply approved training. This does not guarantee you getting a job, but it does show intent to any prospective employer. The course you choose will depend on exactly where in the aerospace field you wish to work. For example the majority of On-Aircraft NDT during maintenance and overhaul is Eddy Current and Ultrasonic inspection. In the manufacturing industry the trend is toward Penetrant and Magnetic Particle inspection. Of course the full suite of methods will prepare you for all areas of work. You would probably be able to get a job by concentrating on two methods depending on which area you wish to work (on-aircraft or manufacturing). Then when you are employed your employer would hopefully send you on any additional courses required.

The web site NDT Jobs is a good start to see what jobs are available in the industry.

Want to know more? Why not read our guide: An Employers Guide to NDT Personnel: EN4179.

What time does the course start and end?

Our opening times are 8am to 5pm.

Our courses run from 8.30am to 4.30pm with 1 hour lunch break.

Do you provide WIFI?

We do provide free WIFI throughout the building.

Are Lunches Provided?

Light lunches are provided daily to each student as well as refreshments such as tea, coffee, fruit and biscuits.

How can I get to Aerospace Inspection Training? Can I use Public Transport?

Please open the link below for our driving directions and instructions if you are wishing to use public transport on how to get to our training school.

For directions please click here

If you are coming to AIT from abroad these tools may help you plan your journey, National Rail, City Mapper, National Express, Skyscanner.

How do I get there? Is there parking facilities?

We have free parking facilities which are at the front of our building. All visitors of Aerospace Inspection Training are authorised to park their car in the car park however 24 hour surveillance is in operation, if for any reason you need to park your car for 24 hours please raise this to our attention.

For directions please click here

Where can I stay?