Etch Inspection

2 Day Course (16 hours)

Course Description

Only Available On Request

This 16 hour course is designed for manufacturers, service organisations and overhaul agencies who require their technicians or engineers to be trained in the process of Etch Inspection. The course includes all common applications of etch inspection to Nickel Base and Titanium Alloys and Surface Temper. Applications of both chemical and electrochemical processes are included.

Safety practices are emphasised in this course which meets the needs of all known qualification and certification programs at Level II, and includes 50 per cent hands-on etch inspection and interpretation of results for defective and good specimens.

Course Content

The course shall include, but not be limited to :
Grain formation theory
Chemical etch theory
Electro chemical etch theory
Nickel base alloy anodic etch
Titanium etch anodisation
Surface temper etch
Surface temper inspection
Etch process practical
Etch result interpretation
Types of discontinuities discernible in materials
Acceptable standards

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this seminar the student should be able to:

Understand the fundamental processes of etch inspection for grain determination, discontinuity evaluation and the detection of grinding abuse.

Carry out examination of specimens of all types following grinding to detect grinding abuse.

Control chemical etch processes to maintain correct etch.

Recognise different discontinuities which may be revealed by etch inspection.

Pass the end of course test.