Ultrasonic Phased Array Inspection

Course Duration: 5 day course

Course Fees: £1,285

Course Description

This 5-day course provides an introduction to the theory and operation of Phased Array Ultrasonics using either the Olympus Omniscan or Sonatest Veo series of phased array flaw detectors. It is fully supported by 50% practical sessions. Students are encouraged to practice on their own supplied samples in addition to the range of components held by Aerospace Inspection Training

Phased Array probe theory
Probe characteristics
Scan modes
Introduction to digital equipment
Analog to digital conversion
Nyquist limit and sampling
Delay laws
Focal laws
Beam steering, forming and focussing
Practical application in aerospace aluminium, steel and composite components
The Boeing Scribeline inspection
The Airbus A320 rear spar/trailing edge corrosion inspection using the Sonatest WheelProbe

Describe the basic principles of phased array ultrasonic theory

List the main techniques of phased array ultrasonics

Set up the phased array ultrasonic flaw detector for simple inspections

Interpret and evaluate the test results

Locate defects in composite and metal structures with a high probability of detection

Note: This course is targeted at students who have previous experience in ultrasonic inspection of aircraft structure and have had Level 2 EN4179/NAS410 or PCN Aero ultrasonic training.

Aerospace Inspection Training are able to provide a 10 day course covering ultrasonic theory and practical application in preparation for this course.