Metallurgy for NDT

Course Duration: 5 Day Course (40 hours)

Course Fees: Price on Request

Course Description

Only Available On Request This 40 hour seminar is a comprehensive source of the metallurgy necessary for use by personnel involved in designing, using, or evaluating nondestructive testing of aerospace products, materials and structures. The syllabus has been kept general in order to retain technical value but is broad enough to include all phases of the aerospace manufacturing industry and most of the materials used, together with information on in-service defects and their source. The depth of training has intentionally been kept low so that airline and manufacturing NDT personnel, without a great amount of formal education, will develop understanding of the material. Ideally, participants will already have a knowledge of NDT. Wherever practical, mention and demonstration is made of NDT methods that might be suitable for the type of defect under consideration and their limitations. This course is also suitable for students intending to take ASNT Level III or PCN Level 3 examinations as it covers the Materials and Processes portion of the Basic exam.

Materials and Processes
Iron and Steel Production
Grain Size
Ingot Casting
Recrystallisation of Grain Structures
Metal Forming
Other Secondary Processes
Discontinuities and Defects
Inherent Discontinuities
Processing Discontinuities
Secondary Processing
Further Processing Discontinuities
In-service Discontinuities
Aircraft Related Materials Science
Introduction to Metallic Structures
Structures of Metals
Strengthening of Metals
Precipitation Hardening
Fracture Life Prediction
Environmental Cracking
Electro-chemical Corrosion
Surface Hardening of Steels
The Selection of a Metal
Airframe Materials
Aluminium Alloys
Magnesium alloys
Hardness Testing
Carbon Steels
Maraging Steels
Stainless Steels
Steels for Use at Elevated Temperature
Metals for 500-1150 Degrees Celsius (Superalloys)
Non-ferrous Heat Treatment
Airframe Materials
Titanium Alloys
Non Metals
Adhesives in Aircraft Structures
Sandwich and Honeycomb Structures
Fibre Reinforced Plastic
NDT Capabilities and Limitations
Performance Criteria Breakdown
Mode of Presentation
Non-destructive Evaluation Technique Catalogue

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