Infrared Thermographic Inspection

Course Duration: 8 Day Course (64 hours)

Course Fees: £1,850

Course Description

The eight day, 64 hour training course includes both theoretical and practical applications of thermographic inspection for a wide range of aircraft and aerospace components and structures with lectures on the latest industrial developments. It is fully supported by 50 per cent practical sessions principally concentrating on the detection of water ingress within aerospace components.

Aerospace product technology Basic principles of thermography The thermographic camera
Thermal science
Heat transfer modes
Radiation heat transfer
Thermal image interpretation
Thermal image analysis
Qualitative and quantitative analysis
Factors influencing emissivity
Measuring emissivity
Camera calibration
Thermographic laws and formulae

Describe the basic principles of the thermographic test method.

List several applications of the thermographic test method.

List the types of discontinuities detected with the thermographic test method.

Understand basic and intermediate thermodynamic principles

Describe the operational steps in the thermographic inspection and understand the importance of each step following a written instruction.

Compensate for atmospheric conditions necessary for quantitative or qualitative analysis.

Interpret and evaluate the thermogram with respect to the applicable specifications.

Complete the required test reports, and prepare a clear and concise written instruction.

Locate ingress of water and geometrical differences in various aircraft structures with a high probability of detection.

Pass the end of course test.