Basic Radiation Safety

Course Duration: 2 Day Course (16 hours)

Course Fees: £535

Course Description

This 16 hour course is intended to provide the participant with a thorough understanding of basic radiation safety and an awareness of the contents of the Ionising Radiations Regulations. This course meets the requirements for the PCN Basic Radiation Safety Examination and is an ideal programme for all radiography trainees, assistants, health and safety personnel, quality control inspectors, or any personnel involved in projects where radiographic inspection is being conducted.

Basic concepts
Radiation units and dose limitations: quantities and units, brief summary of legislation, dose limitation
Biological effects
Principle of protection from external radiation
Shielding calculations
Personal dosimetry
Radiation monitoring
Specific requirements of regulations
Accidents and hazards in perspective
Emergency procedures

At the conclusion of this seminar the student should be able to:

Have an understanding of the basic concepts of ionising radiations.

Be familiar with the terminology used in radiation protection.

Be familiar with the main requirements of the following: Ionising Radiations Regulations (2017), The Approved Code of Practice Associated Guidance Notes, and The Ionising Radiations (Outside Workers) Regulations (1993).

Have an understanding of the potential hazards (health effects) associated with the use of ionising radiation.

Have an understanding of the principles of practical protection to minimise exposure to ionising radiation.

Have an understanding of the good working practices required to keep radiation doses as low as reasonably practicable.

Be able to calculate source outputs and dose rates, and have an understanding of the inverse square law.

Be aware of the appropriate action to take in emergency situations.